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Pathfinder RPG – The Lost City

Legends speak of an ancient civilization who wielded great power that was said to be enough to conquer the world many times over. Those who lived in this civilization are rumored to have enjoyed many comforts, ranging from automated servants, powerful magic, and even the coveted status of eternal life. However, one day, the great cities and advances of this ancient civilization vanished without a trace, potentially to never be seen again.

Thousands of years later, new civilizations emerged, though none even close to rivaling those of old. Each kingdom or dynasty that has risen up, however, has always sought the powers of the old world, either for good or bad. Small traces of the old world exist, and even though they have been small, they have advanced the technologies of those that discovered it by years or even decades.

Now, at the insistence of a half-crazed Wizard, a new team of explorers is setting out to investigate the discovery of a new piece of technology from the Old World.

Home Page

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